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Pangenre LLC was officially formed in 2010 after years of development and play-testing of the Pangenre Role-Playing Game System. We decided to shutdown Pangenre LLC in 2017. Many of our products are still available, so take look at the links on the left.


  • Ron Moore - Ron started gaming in the 1970s. An IT support specialist by trade, he was also part of the Gwarbco team which produced Babylon Park: The Movie and Crusade Wars. In addition to his photography degree, Ron's physics degree keeps all of our attempts at introducing realism into our games real. Ron designed the construction sequence for the Pangenre RPG: Robots supplement and most elements of the Interstellar Alliance campaign.
  • Frederick Noble - Web designer, writer, game designer, and occasional artist. He designed the Pangenre RPG: From Mud to Silver mini-campaign, as well as Personality Crisis and Camp Drunkalot party games. He was the creator of the Vegas Apocalypse setting and primary author of Pangenre's first novel series, Vegas Apocalypse. He is currently working on board games and a steampunk novel. You can see what Fred is up to by going to
  • John Douglas Powers - Doug has been gaming since 1978, beginning with classic Avalon Hill wargames such as Squad Leader and writing creatively since elementary school. His first RPG experience was with Traveller; 15 minutes later (after being eaten), his second was Dungeons & Dragons. He began designing games in 1985. A QA analyst for 15 years overseeing projects ranging from multimedia training tools to the NYSE web site, he is currently Pangenre's lead designer and editor-in-chief. His credits include the tactical naval combat system for Peter Bertram's Scratch One Flattop: The Battle of the Coral Sea (3W), The Second World War, and the Pangenre RPG System. He designed the Robot Apocalypse adventure in the Pangenre RPG Robots supplement and the Pangenre RPG: A Conspiracy of Dreamers campaign. Doug worked with Frederick Noble on his first two novels and has written two futuristic detective novels, Retiree and Retiree 2.0.

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