"Babylon Park : The Movie"

Origional Concept By: Chris Russo
Director: Alyssa Gobelle
Producer: Alyssa Gobelle


Announcer: Chris Keys
Captain Sheridan: Ron Moore
Ms. President: Melinda Brittingham
Londo: Robert Bowen
Victim: Robert Bowen
Mr. Garabaldi: Robert Bowen
Mr. Zack: Robert Bowen
Kosh: Jerome Brittingham
Delenn: Alyssa Gobelle
G'Kar: Chris Keys
JMS: Robert Bowen
The Psi-ettes: Alyssa Gobelle
Peter Mitchell
Valen: Michael W. Graves
Screaming By: Karen Akins
Paul Akins
Roger Nichols
Jay Wilson (in spiritu)

Screenplay By: Alyssa Gobelle
Foreplay By: Peter Mitchell


Head Animator: Alyssa Gobelle
Assistant Animator: Robert Bowen
Re-Animator: H.P. Lovecraft
Backgrounds: Robert Bowen
Alyssa Gobelle
Coffee Grounds: Peter Mitchell
Legal Grounds: Hopefuly Not!
Lip Synching: Alyssa Gobelle
Robert Bowen
Lip Service: Monica Lewinski
Quality Control: Peter Mitchell
World Control: Zeke
Remote Control: Lost, presumed dead.

Damn the Coconuts!!!

Voice Direction: Alyssa Gobelle
Sound Editing: Alyssa Gobelle
Sound Effects: Alyssa Gobelle
Chris Keys
Ron Moore
Robert Bowen
Physical Effects: Fever
Loss of Appetite

Transportation: Peter Mitchell
Transplantation: Dr. Frankenstein
Teleportation: Heisenberg Compensators

Catering: Peter Mitchell
Pandering: Lowest Denominator
Kishka Blessing: Rabbi Robbie

Original Music: Chad Altemose

"The Babylon Park : The Movie
Kicks Ass March"

Music By Chad Altemouse

"Zero G-Spot"

    Music By Chad Altemouse
    Lyrics by Robert Bowen, Ron Moore,
    Pete Mitchell, and Alyssa Gobelle
    Performed by Robert Bowen & The PSI-ettes

"Valen and Friends Theme"

Music By Chad Altemouse

Casting: Alyssa Gobelle, SOL

Color by Packard Bell and Sony

Lenses by B Nonatall

Thanks Ben!

Pointless Spousal Affection By:
Alyssa Gobelle and Pete Mitchell

Pointless Spousal Affection Put Up With By:
Robert Bowen

Humans Put Up With By:
Rhea and Roofshadow

"Babylon Park : The Movie" is Copyright © 1998 by Alyssa Gobelle and based on the Babylon Park web site created by iNFiNiCorp Transgalactic.

Babylon Park is a parody of Warner Brother's (©1998) "Babylon 5" and Comedy Central's (©1998) "South Park" and is Copyright 1998 iNFiNiCorp Transgalactic.

Both shows kick ass and deserve to be made fun of.


No computers were harmed in the making of this film.

However, many furry animals were brutaly beaten, dunked in soft yogurt, and strung up by their private parts.


Just kidding.

Babylon Park : The Movie

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