* We tired to get these quotes as accurate as possible. But since they are drawn upon memory, we apologize ahead of time if there are some minor discrepancies. We will alter them if we are so corrected.

"I want one!"
Patricia Tallman, a.k.a. Lita,
the moment she saw the T-shirt

(Oh My GOD!)
Patricia's facial expression when
the credits started to roll

"That was awesome.. where can I get a copy?!?"
Patricia after seeing the cartoon
for the first time

"(laughter)... it sucked! (more laughter)"
Jeffrey Willerth, a.k.a. Kosh

"No Vir that is MY cheezy spoo!"
Peter Jurasik, a.k.a. Londo

"Wow.. thank you for doing something as wonderful as this!"
Wayne Alexander, a.k.a. Sebastian,
Lorien & countless other aliens

"No no.. THIS is Mr. Garabaldi
(that's right Mr. Zack)"

Jeff Conaway, a.k.a. Zack,
with a plastic cup on his hand for the puppet

"Mine? Mine! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! SIGN IT!!!"
Peter David
upon getting his copy of the tape

Fan: So when did you realize you were famous?
Kosh: When I saw Babylon Park.

Patricia Tallman actually performed some of the dance her cartoon alter ego performed along with the voice actor for her Babylon Park character, Peter Mitchell.

"Sweet.. Sweet.. Sweet.."
Peter Jurasik, a.k.a. Londo,
several times after seeing it
for the first time.

"This is by far the BEST South Park spoof I have seen! You guys should have won!"
Lloyd Kaufman,
Grand MuckyMuck of Troma Films
and one of the contest judges

Babylon Park : The Movie

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